DIY: Artisan Pops

Words by Julia Jones
November 14, 2014

Popsicles, ice pops, paletas, whatever you like to call them, they’re a delicious (and necessary) addition to a hot, Australian summer wedding. Budding enterprises like Liana Raine and Delish Ice provide the full pop-cart experience, but if you’re happy to get your hands sticky, you can have plenty of fun making your own.

You can freeze just about anything into your pops, from edible flowers and fruit pieces to crumbled brownies and gummy bears! Spike your sweets with boozy creations like beer or sangria pops, or experiment with delicious poptails – the watermelon margarita pops below look divine! Just watch the alcohol content, too much and your pops won’t freeze.

For more ideas on keeping your wedding guests cool, head to our Frozen Pinterest board!




edible flower popsicles

Coconut Blood Orange Popsicles

vegan fig popsicles





Strawberry lemonade pops

DIY Strawberry poptail




Spiced Zipzicles


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