In Bloom: Wax Flower

Words by Julia Jones
October 7, 2014

We all love an underdog success story and in the world of floristry, the humble wax flower is a perfect example of filler-turned-killer. These perfectly pert little beauties will oft been seen playing a supporting role to grander blooms, but I think they’re just delightful in their own right.

As tough little Australian natives, wax flowers are very forgiving and stay looking lovely well after being cut. This is a big bonus if you’re planning a little floral DIY, as they won’t whither or bruise in un-expert hands.

In bloom from winter to late spring, these inexpensive locals look gorgeous in flower crowns and bouquets and come in an array of pastel tones as well as deeper shades of red, purple and orange.

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Australian native wax flower bouquet 01

Australian native wax flower bouquet 02

Australian native wax flower bouquet 03

Australian native wax flower bouquet 04

Native wax flower crown Rue de Seine

Australian native wax flower bouquet 05

Wax flower Kinfolk dinner

native wax flower crown


Images 1. Lara Hotz 2. Brown Paper Parcel 3. Ivory & Beau 4. Ophelia 5. Rue de Seine 6. Pomp & Splendour 7. Kinfolk 8. Bridal Musings



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