In Bloom: Bougainvillea

Words by Julia Jones
March 26, 2015

I’m going to preface this post with a small confession: I used to hate bougainvillea. As a city-lover reluctantly growing up in the sunburnt burbs of Perth, to me it represented bland, Australian suburbia.

Oh, how times have changed! Sure, it still epitomises suburbia, but doesn’t it brighten up the drabbest of spaces? Its wild unruliness, neon colours and endless abundance – all reasons for my original dislike – are exactly why it’s now one of my favourite flowers (or leaves, if we’re getting technical).

Bougainvillea’s wedding uses are endless. Beyond bouquets and table arrangements, line the aisle with its bright leaves, which can also be used for confetti. Weave its tendrills through a simple arbour, thread into garlands or place atop your wedding cake, like the one pictured above by Anna Delores.

If you’re an eco-conscious (or budget conscious) bride or groom, bougainvillea is your best friend. It grows prolifically for most of the year and you can probably harvest enough of its delightful magenta foliage from your nearest alleyway for your entire wedding! No heavy watering, pesticides or carbon footprint required.

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bougainvillea table runner

bougainvillea and banksia bouquet

Vibrant bougainvillea arrangement by Tulipina

bougainvillea crown


bougainvillea garland

bougainvillea bouquet

orange bougainvillea | Photo by Lara Hotz

bougainvillea wedding arbour

bougainvillea on the stairs

bougainvillea bouquet

bougainvillea table chandeliers | Photo by Jonas Peterson


Images 1. Anna Delores 2. Made from Scratch 3. Elizabeth McDonnell Photography 4. Tulipina 5. Brooklyn Hawaii 6. Flower Talk 7. Brooklyn Hawaii 8. Poppies & Posies 9. Lara Hotz 10. Green Wedding Shoes 11. Source unknown 12. Anna Delores 13. Jonas Peterson



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Mj 7 years ago

Would you please tell me how to keep cut bougainvillea from wilting for use in a bouquet, or just anywhere out of water? My daughter would like to use this for her bouquet, and on her cake, but it seems to wilt in our humid weather on Guam.

Also, would you know how dry this for confetti?

Thank you!

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