Adam & Izzy’s Hinterland Engagement Shoot

Words by Tom / Images by Sail Me to the Moon
April 24, 2015

A nudie run was all it took for Adam to catch Izzy’s eye, the pair meeting at a party in Byron Bay after a lost bet saw Adam also lose his clothes. “He looked good in the nude and I thought he was a funny dude,” says Izzy. “Who’d have guessed we’d get married one day!”

To celebrate their recent engagement, the adventure-loving couple stole away to Byron’s beautiful hinterland for a laid back afternoon with friend and photographer, Ming Nomchong of Sail Me to the Moon. “Ming drove us to this beautiful location and set up the shoot,” Izzy tells me. “It was just a beautiful place and the setting sun created the perfect back drop.”

And it was a perfect backdrop that Adam was chasing when he popped the question on a snowboarding holiday in Austria, leading a cold and tired Izzy to the highest peak they could reach. “I was not impressed,” says Izzy. “I thought, what on earth could possibly be up there? He kept calling me and finally I started my way up through the hip-deep soft snow, complaining and cursing him all the way. I even said “There better be something in it for me!”’

And of course there was. “When he fell on his knee in front of me I got so overwhelmed that I didn’t hear a word he was saying. It was the most beautiful moment in my life and I still tear up thinking about it.”

While the big day might be some time away for this busy pair, Adam and Izzy have their heart set on a hinterland wedding. “The most important things to us are good people, good food and good music!” They say. “We also want to stretch the wedding over 3 days so that we don’t have to cram everything into one. We will have quite a few family and friends coming from long distances so we really want to spend this special time with them as long as we can.”


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