Claire Pettibone Romantique at Hope X Page

Words by Melanie Dimmitt
November 25, 2014

Sydney’s Hope X Page bridal boutique has some serious beauty onboard, with Claire Pettibone‘s Romantique gowns fresh in store. Take your turquoise, wildflowers and braids over diamonds, roses and up-do’s any day? These boho-inspired frocks are bound to take your fancy, so put up those bare feet and enjoy.

Claire Pettibone‘s couture collection caters to brides craving uniqueness in a gown with vintage references and incredible attention to detail. While her Romantique collection offers all of these things, each garment (from the dreamy, off-the-shoulder Cylon to luxuriously-lacy Patchouli and Gardenia) is priced between $1,500 – $3,000.

“After countless love letters from brides who adored my collection but didn’t quite have a couture budget, we felt it was time to launch Romantique,” says Claire. “Romantique has a relaxed elegance so that a bride can really make it her own. I love that our brides don’t fit into a “type” and that my collection seems to attract the coolest, anti-zilla, girls-you-would-totally-be-friends-with.” Our kind of brides.

Produced in Los Angeles, these gowns are quite the prized import at Hope X Page, with owner Alex absolutely smitten to house the collection. You can visit Romantique online or in store at Hope X Page.


Claire Pettibone Ceylon_romantique_144

Claire Pettibone Gardenia_romantique_58

Claire Pettibone Patchouli_romantique_177

Claire Pettibone Patchouli_romantique_179

Claire Pettibone Patchouli_romantique_182

Claire Pettibone Thyme_romantique_74

Claire Pettibone Topanga_romantique_312





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