In Bloom: Dahlias

Words by Tom
January 15, 2015

If you’re suffering from a little post-party-season blues, then a dose of dahlias may be just what you need. In my humble opinion, these bright, buoyant blooms are one of the very best things that summer brings.

In season now through to early autumn, dahlias are as varied in size, shape and colour as you can possibly imagine. The giant ‘decorative’ type are perfect for vibrant summer bouquets, while feathery ‘cactus’ dahlias look lovely in soft, pastel shades. And then there’s the two-tone pompom dahlia – like those above by Mikarla Bauer – which are just plain delightful.

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vibrant dahlia and peony bouquet

wild colourful bouquet

Antlers and flowers

dahlia bouquet

rainbow dahlia bouquet - Lara Hotz photography

seasonal dahlia bouquet

rambling bouquet

pastel dahlia bouquet

magenta bouquets

pastel bouquet with dahlias

bold dahlia bouquet


Images 1. Mikarla Bauer, 2. Willow + Jade, 3. Katie Shuler Photography, 4. Clarence Flowers / Jonathan Ong, 5. Habitat Floral Studio / Rebecca Hollis, 6. The Sisters / Lara Hotz, 7. Seasonal Bouquet Project, 8. Byron Loves Fawn, 9. Bows + Arrows, 10, Mitch Pohl, 11. Moon Canyon, 12. Flora by Nora


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