DIY: The Cutest Pot Plant Favours

Words by Kristy Kyi / Images by CJ Williams
October 13, 2015

If clunky cookies in cellophane wrap aren’t going to cut it on your tablescape, then these personalised mini pot plants will definitely do the trick.

Perfect as place names and super cute keepsakes, these little wedding favours are a great way to add some green to your table. Styling guru Kristy from Flights of Fancy takes us step by step through crafting the little beauties.

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DIY Chalkboard Pot Plant Favours

Step 1: Select the plants

Small succulents are a great choice as they will fit into a small vessel, are easy to look after if you need to plant them ahead of the day and look super cute! We sourced our succulents from The Little Leaf Co. Another great option is herbs – they look great and are also useful for your guests afterwards.

Step 2: Choose your vessel

Depending on your budget, how many guests you have and what size your plants are, you could use ceramic pots, glass votives or ramekins. We found these gorgeous little espresso cups with saucers at Target for just $4 each – the perfect size for our succulents.

Step 3: Get out the chalk paint

We used a dark grey chalkboard paint to make our lettering stand out, but Annie Sloan makes chalkboard paint in an amazing variety of colours so you could find a colour to match your reception styling or use a variety of different colours. Depending on the vessel you may need a couple of coats.

DIY Chalkboard Pot Plant Favours

Annie Sloan chalk paints come in a bunch of different colours and are available from The Little Leaf Co.

Step 4: Design and print your thank you tags

We used kraft paper to create our tags with a thank you message from the bride and groom but you could print any message you want on the tags. If you plant herbs you may want to print the name of the herb and instructions for care.

Using a craft glue, attach to skewers or popsicle sticks, which are easily found in any supermarket and cut them to size.

DIY Chalkboard Pot Plant Favours DIY Chalkboard Pot Plant Favours

Step 5: Write guests’ names

When your vessel is dried, write the name of your guest on it in chalk. If you prefer to print your guests’ names on the tags you could decorate the vessel instead of writing their name on it, or you could write a little personalised message to each guest.

Step 6: Pot your plants

Use a soil appropriate for your plants (organic for herbs and sandy/rocky for succulents) add a little water and voila! A gorgeous favour for your guests which doubles as a place card.

diy-chalkboard-pot-plant-wedding-favours 06


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