DIY: Macramé Pot Plant Hanger

Words by Kristy Kyi / Images by CJ Williams
November 2, 2015

We’re getting our craft on today, with this surprisingly simple DIY macramé plant hanger tutorial by Perth stylist Flights of Fancy by Kristy and fiber artists Mac and Moore.

Coupled with the raw texture of rope, hanging plants are great for bringing an organic element to indoor and industrial settings. This post wraps up our living plant styling trilogy, so if you missed our other green posts, be sure to catch up here and here.

DIY Macramé pot plant hanger

Materials required

Rope approx. 4mm, 8 lengths of 7m

Metal ring


At least 4 decorative beads


Step by Step

1. Place the rope through the metal ring. Position the ring so that it sits at the middle part of the rope. You should end with 16 even pieces of rope at the base.

2: Start with a gathering knot then cut the lose ends of the gathering knot and obscure them back into the knot you have created. Use the blunt end of a pen to help you do this.

DIY Macramé pot plant hanger

Start with a gather knot


3. Separate the knots into groups of 3. The middle section should have 8 strands in it, and the two outer sections should have 4 strands each.

4. Create a spiral stitch and repeat for a length of about 500-600mm.

DIY Macramé pot plant hanger

DIY Macramé pot plant hanger

Create a spiral stitch using half a square knot, then repeat in the same direction to create a spiral pattern.


5. In another 100-150mm create a square knot with 4 adjacent ropes. Insert a bead in the middle two cords and then repeat the square knot at the base of the bead. Repeat in the remaining three sections of rope.

6. Leave another 150mm length and repeat the square knots with alternating ropes. You should now have twelve square knots in total. The top beaded row of eight and then the 4 below it.

7. Repeat the last four square knots.

DIY Macramé pot plant hanger DIY Macramé pot plant hanger DIY Macramé pot plant hanger

DIY Macramé pot plant hanger

8. Group all the rope ends together and finish with a gathering knot. The gathering knot should sit 100mm from the square knots above.

9. Trim the gathering knot loose ends and obscure the cut ends within the knot itself using the pen. This knot will takes the weight of the pot and hanger so ensure it is tight and secure.

10. Cut the base of the plant hanger at approximately 300-500mm.

DIY Macramé pot plant hanger DIY Macramé pot plant hanger


Loving the macramé inspiration? Here are some beautiful weddings styled with fiber art.

If you’re new to the world of Macramé, you might like to swing by here for some detailed tips on knot types (yeah, we know, it looks a little naff but it’s a great resource!)



Images CJ Williams | Styling Flights of Fancy by Kristy | Macrame pot plant hanger Mac and Moore | Plants Little Leaf Co. |

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Jo Woll 4 years ago

I am new to macrame and am having a difficult time finding beading supplies that are not always just the brown or natural in color. The beads used on this fabulous plant hanger would be something I would use at times. Can you please share where I can find them?

Thank you
Jo W

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