Frida Kahlo shoot at Bonita Bonita

Words by Julia Jones
March 6, 2015

I’ve always had a mild obsession with Mexican muse, Frida Kahlo, so when this collaboration inspired by the iconic artist came our way, I was pretty excited to share it.

When a friend’s stunning Mexican restaurant opened its doors, Keshia Gesundheit of Glass Slipper Photography immediately saw the opportunity to use the unique space for a creative shoot. “I was taken a back by the incredible details and artwork that had gone into making Bonita Bonita such an extraordinary space,” she says of the Gold Coast venue. “The cogs soon started turning, and as a fan of Frida, it was easy to fall in love with the place and design a shoot around her.”

As an eco-conscious artist, Keshia actively sought like-minded vendors, teaming up with Signs Of Wear and The Borrowed Nursery for styling, with stunning florals by Skeleton Leaf and a gorgeous two-piece dress from Fabled and True. “Like us, they too use up-cycled and sustainable products,” she says. “It was fantastic to create an edgy, steamy wedding shoot that was also environmentally conscious.”


frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 01

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 02

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 03

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 04

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 05

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 06

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 07

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 08

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 09

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 10

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 11

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 12

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 13

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 14

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 15

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 16

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 17

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 18

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 19

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 20

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 21

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 22

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 23

frida-kahlo-wedding-inspiration 24



Photography: Glass Slipper Photography | Venue: Bonita Bonita | Styling:Signs Of Wear and The Borrowed Nursery | Flowers: Skeleton Leaf | Dress: Fabled and True |Hair & Makeup: Translucere Make up Artistry | Models: Francis Highfield and Bryce Hodges


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s.habibullah 7 years ago


Never seen a wedding like this before. Love it!

bronzed brazilian 7 years ago

amazing photo’s! loving the tan and make up!

Norine 6 years ago

Where can I find that 2 piece wedding dress Beautiful!!! And price
Thank you

Melissa Orea 5 years ago

Where could I find the dress?

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