Limor Rosen “Urban Dreams”

Words by Tamarin Morley
May 14, 2015

Israeli designer Limor Rosen has us spellbound once again with her latest collection, Urban Dreams. Straying from the tribal inspired designs of her previous collection, Urban Dreams was inspired by the romantic femininity of art nouveau meeting the clean, sharp aesthetic of Art Deco.

“The collection is made of rich, beaded fabrics with many handmade details,” says Rosen. The gowms vary from figure-hugging mermaid silhouettes to flowy, romantic two-piece ensembles.

The designer assures us her gowns will soon be available to purchase in Australia, but for brides who can’t wait, her designs are easily ordered online. Measurements are guided and gathered over email or Skype, with photographs and fabric samples provided as required.


limor-rosen-bridal 03

limor-rosen-bridal 04

limor-rosen-bridal 05

limor-rosen-bridal 06

limor-rosen-bridal 07

limor-rosen-bridal 08

limor-rosen-bridal 09

limor-rosen-bridal 10

limor-rosen-bridal 11

limor-rosen-bridal 12

limor-rosen-bridal 13

limor-rosen-bridal 14

limor-rosen-bridal 15

limor-rosen-bridal 16

limor-rosen-bridal 17



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Dimitri 5 years ago

Very beautiful wedding dress. Israeli designers are well known for great inspiring and Limor Rosen was doing something great!

Laura 5 years ago

How can I get one of this dresses if i live in mexico city?

Sonia 5 years ago

Cómo hacer para adquirir uno de estos vestidos vivo en el salvador

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