Loup Design: Crafting Bespoke Wedding Stationery and Signage

Words by Sara Catalano
June 22, 2024

At Loup Design, creating bespoke wedding stationery and signage is driven by creativity, passion, and personalization. The founder Catherine, shares insights into her work and the story behind her business.

Inspiration and the First Project

The founder’s inspiration to start her business stemmed from her love of creating themed, cohesive experiences for weddings. “I love to create a theme and identity for an event, especially a wedding, that reflects who the couple is,” she explained. This passion first manifested in a deeply personal project: her own wedding. “My first wedding stationery project was actually my own!” she recounted. With years of experience in the print and signage industry, designing her wedding stationery allowed her to craft a unique aesthetic centred around a star map of the night she and her partner met, beautifully integrated into the event.

Capturing Unique Stories and Trends

Creating bespoke stationery that reflects a couple’s unique story involves understanding their journey. “I like to really get to know couples and find out the story of how they met and their life together,” she said. By incorporating elements from their story and venue into the designs, she ensures each piece of stationery is custom and unique. Balancing current design trends while maintaining a personal touch is another area where Loup Design excels. She shared an example of using organic shapes for a wedding at a venue with stunning architecture. “The invitations were die-cut to an arched shape, which was a popular trend that also had relevance to this couple’s wedding venue,” she noted. This approach keeps the stationery both timeless and unique.

Rewarding Experiences and Innovation

The most rewarding part of creating wedding stationery for Loup Design is seeing everything come together and receiving positive feedback from clients. “I love to see an event tie together and hear beautiful feedback from my clients of how much they loved their day,” she said. Staying innovative is key to Loup Design’s success. Whether it’s experimenting with new print methods or integrating digital aspects into stationery, she is always looking for new ways to present and deliver her designs. “I really enjoy combining the physical and digital aspects to create options for my couples,” she shared. Recent trends like organic shapes and hand-written typography have significantly influenced her work. “It’s a great way to have a point of difference from other events and keep a wedding fun,” she observed.

Advice for Couples

For couples considering bespoke wedding stationery, she offers this advice: “It’s a collaborative process working together to create stationery that you love and that reflects you, so it’s important to have a good relationship between yourself and your stationery designer.” Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable designer is crucial to achieving the perfect stationery for your special day.

Loup Design’s journey in wedding stationery and signage showcases the power of personalisation and creativity. With a passion for creating memorable and cohesive wedding experiences, Loup Design continues to bring couples’ visions to life beautifully.


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