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When it comes to the soundtrack for your big day, you’re probably thinking soulful acoustics for the ceremony ceremony before you tear up the dance floor on the best night of your life. Sydney wedding band Maple Creek Music, takes versatility to a whole new level, morphing from a five-piece to an acoustic duo, DJ and MC to take your wedding on a musical journey from beginning to end.

The Maple Creek duo is Cassie – owner, and lead singer Blake – the man behind the guitar. When they expand into a ‘5 piece groove machine’, Wes, Daryl and Brendan create the ‘extra oomph and sexy sax’, to put a sassy spin on your favourite tunes.

While Maple Creek are constantly inspired by different artists and songs, their ultimate objective is to create THE musical soundtrack for your perfect day – whatever that might be. From dance floor fillers to sweet acoustics, these guys have got you covered.

We spoke to Cassie and Blake to find out how Maple Creek Music was born, their go-to tear jerkers and what inspires their particular brand of hustle.

Sydney wedding band - Maple Creek Music

Tell us a little about your musical backgrounds?

I came from a musical theatre background and studied at NIDA a few years ago. Maple Creek began as a side hustle in between auditions – I loved it so much that it quickly became my full time gig! Blake started his journey in music performing in bands; playing guitar, drums, keyboards – whatever he could get his hands on. He went on to study audio engineering at SAE and is now a country singer-songwriter.

How would you describe your style of music and performance?

We’re like an Allens mixed bag of lollies. We play a huge variety of music but predominately pop, funk, rock, country and alllll the love songs. We’re here to have a load of fun so that our couples and their guests can have an awesome day surrounded by music. Our duo features vocal harmonies, and with myself on shaker and Blake on guitar/stompbox we are able to make a pretty groovy sound for two people. The band is pretty much our duo expanded with extra oomph and sexy sax.

We love to bring a very personal approach to your special moment songs. We try to stay as faithful as possible to the original versions of songs, while rearranging them for our ensemble and putting our own spin on them.

Sydney wedding band - Maple Creek Music

What are you favourite music genres to perform at weddings?

We love variety! With our full day packages we get to play from the ceremony right till the dance floor at the end of the night. It’s great going from singing love ballads right down to funk tunes.

We suit a couple/wedding that’s keen to have a good time but, at the same time celebrate their love above everything else. We’re here to create a musical soundtrack of your day and help you have the best flipping party ever to top the day off. Weddings that have the right mix of romantic and easy going fun are our jam.

Sydney wedding band - Maple Creek Music

What are some of your favourite tunes to play at key moments throughout a wedding?

I personally love ‘Marry Me’ by Train and ‘Your Song’ by Elton John. It definitely changes all the time though, as couples introduce us to amazing new songs each week. Meaningful lyrics are a must.

What are some of your key influences and sources of inspiration?

Music is a pretty inspiring thing as it is. Blake and I are constantly inspired by different artists, genres and songs all the time. Although I’d say – without sounding too corny – that we inspire each other everyday musically, and life in general.

I love being inspired by female entrepreneurs kicking butt in their business. I’m a bit obsessed with women’s business podcasts and books. I never thought I would run my own business and everyday I’m more and more surprised at how much I enjoy it. My bestie is another female entrepreneur and we like to joke that we’re insane for choosing a job like this, but also the smartest people alive.

Sydney wedding band - Maple Creek Music

Any upcoming performances where couples can check you out?

We’re mainly booked out with weddings at the moment but, keep an eye on our Facebook page and website where we update our public gigs/showcases. Seeing us live is a great way to know if we’re the right fit and we would love to meet you!



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