DIY: Botanic Perspex Menu

Words by Julia Jones
May 12, 2016

If you think DIY and ‘modern wedding’ don’t belong in the same sentence, think again. This fab little perspex menu how-to from our friends at Lenzo is the perfect project for a contemporary celebration. A far cry from the crafty look usually associated wedding DIY, this clean, minimal design can be adapted to a range of styles. Choose a fresh botanic theme, gilded elements or any modern accents to best suit your look.

DIY botanic perspex menu

What you’ll need

  • 2 x Perspex sheets (we used A5 sheets, 2mm thick)
  • Written/printed A5 menu
  • Fine paint marker (we used UNI Paint Marker in white)
  • Greenery to go between the Perspex sheets (we used a mini monstera leaf)
  • 8 x mini round metallic magnets

DIY botanic perspex menu

Step by step

1. Position one perspex sheet over the written menu.

2. Give the paint marker a good shake then trace the menu artwork onto the Perspex sheet. Let paint dry for 5 minutes.

DIY botanic perspex menuDIY botanic perspex menu DIY botanic perspex menu

3. Position the leaf (or chosen element) in between the two perspex sheets, placing the written perspex menu on top.

DIY botanic perspex menu DIY botanic perspex menu

4. At each corner of the menu, fix the mini gold magnets on either side of the perspex to join them together.

TIP: We also threw a little confetti in between but you can add what ever you like in between the Perspex – flower petals, confetti, even photos! But remember, keep whatever you put in between simple, you don’t want to draw away from the menu artwork.

botanic perspex menu and gold cutlery botanic perspex menu and gold cutlery DIY botanic perspex menu


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Emma 5 years ago

This is AWESOME!! Love it and love that it is DIY. Stunning.

Emma 5 years ago

Hey guys!! Where did you get the perspex sheets from?

Kari 5 years ago

Where did you get the magnets? I can’t find gold ANYWHERE!

Madison McFarland 5 years ago

What fonts were used on this menu?! I’m obsessed!

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