In Bloom: Proteas

Words by Tom
February 5, 2015

Luke Going Photography


Bold, beautiful and long lasting, the protea family has made a heck of a resurgence in the wedding world. Many species are native to Australia, but even those that aren’t tend to grow easily here, making them a wonderful choice for the eco-conscious bride. The impressive South African king protea is perhaps the most popular, but our homegrown banksia, waratah and hakea varieties make equally stunning displays (like the amazing creation above, captured by Luke Going).

Equally at home amongst the muted tones of boho bouquets or in vibrant arrangements of summer soirees, proteas are incredibly versatile. They’re also hardy and forgiving, so if you’re keen to try your hand at a little floral DIY, these guys might be the way to go.

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Waratah bouquet

Colourful waratah wedding bouquet with Australian native flowers

native bouquets

protea wedding arbour

Luke Going Photography

blushng bride protea bouquet

Ruffled - photo by -

Merrin Grace protea bouquet

pink waratah bouquet

vibrant native bouquet

vibrant native bouquet 2


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