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Words by Tom / Images by Amy Piddington
June 16, 2016

We’re seeing a rising demand for contemporary statement pieces to set the tone for a modern wedding and Sydney’s Reso & Co. are delivering the goods. Crafters of raw yet refined, reclaimed timber furniture, these guys are now offering their unique pieces for hire. And the best bit? You could win their wares for your wedding…

Picture their Distressed Trestle Tables running the length of a lofty warehouse, or that incredible steel arch adorned with deep green foliage. We’re getting giddy just thinking about what we’d do with the $3,000 furniture rental package that’s up for grabs!

If you’re keen to have these beauties star in your wedding, entry for this incredible giveaway is super simple. But do get a wriggle on, as you must register by June 27, 2016. All the details can be found here.

We chatted with Reso & Co. co-creators, Tenille and Fabian, about the brand’s inspiration and humble beginnings.

Reso & Co - reclaimed timber furniture and prop hire Sydney

Tenille and Fabian – tell us a little about your backgrounds and the path that brought you to Reso & Co.

We’ve both always had a passion for design; in fact, our shared goal of one day running our own respective businesses was probably what made our relationship ‘click’ from the beginning.

It all started as a passion project in the (dare way say) modest garage of Fabian’s parent’s place. With a Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering under his belt, any spare moment he had was spent tinkering away, crafting clever, one-off furniture pieces – often from salvaged and reclaimed materials. At this point I was working in the public relations industry, itching to sink my teeth into my own brand. It didn’t take long before demand for his pieces began to skyrocket, and it was at this point that we thought there was no better time than now to make our business dream a reality.

Reso & Co - reclaimed timber furniture and prop hire Sydney Reso & Co - reclaimed timber furniture and prop hire Sydney

We love a love story – how did you two meet?

Well, I like to say that we officially met 10 years ago when this boy from the ‘big smoke’ came to a party in my hometown of Mudgee. He doesn’t remember meeting me that night, so I always like to tease him that it’s clear who made an impression on who.

Fast forward 2 years and we would meet again through mutual friends. At this stage we were both in relationships so it wasn’t until 3 years later that we both realised maybe we could be more than friends. 5 years on, and a business and a puppy later, we still make a pretty damn good team.

How would you describe your style and ethos?

We like to say our style is raw yet refined, a contemporary spin on ‘industrial’. For us, it’s all about letting the natural characteristics of the materials we use shine.

Our ethos is all about bringing people together through clever design that has an environmental conscience.

Reso & Co - reclaimed timber furniture and prop hire Sydney

What’s a typical day at Reso & Co?

Our day usually starts at 7am with much-needed coffee and planning for the day. From there Fabian hits the tools – with no two jobs ever being the same he could be doing anything from milling timber to welding and fabricating steel while I begin to take care of the business side of things – emails, project planning, quoting, client relations and a bit of accounting thrown in for good measure. Add to the mix, a site visit here or there, and client meetings, our day usually doesn’t wrap up until 6:30pm, sometimes later.

Modern steel wedding arch by Reso & Co. Modern steel wedding arch by Reso & Co.

Which furniture pieces do you find most post popular for weddings?

The most popular piece for events has been our Distressed Trestle Table. They’re crafted from these beautiful hand-cut Kauri Pine floorboards that date back to around the 1930s – you can’t help but get lost in their character and thoughts of what they’ve been through over all of these years. Needless to say, they provide a great talking point at any event. The design also features a raw steel frame to provide a more contemporary take on the traditional trestle that you often see around.

Do you have a studio or showroom where couples can see your range?

Our showroom is coming soon! But in the meantime, couples are welcome to visit our workshop to view the range and see for themselves where all of the magic happens.

Reso & Co - reclaimed timber furniture and prop hire Sydney Reso & Co - reclaimed timber furniture and prop hire Sydney

Who are some other wedding creatives you find inspirational?

I love creatives who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the wedding industry. Dr Lisa Cooper for her avant-garde floristry, My Violet for her wildly organic arrangements, Andy Bowdy for his insanely decadent wedding cakes and Suzanne Harward for her always elegant, fashion forward gowns – and that’s all just to name a few!

What would be your dream project?

Fabian and I have always had a soft spot for warehouses so it goes without saying that we would one day love to build our own event space in an old industrial warehouse. To be able to create a space that people want to create memories in would be a real dream.

Reso & Co - reclaimed timber furniture and prop hire Sydney


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