Roseate and Sugary Garden Party Shoot

Words by Tom / Images by Valentina Perez Studio
December 2, 2022

Impassioned by the magical Yatahlia Manor garden – Adelaide’s secret treasure, the idea of this photo shoot was to transform a wedding into a blooming, fairytale garden party. Candy-toned flowers and flavourful desserts had a leading role, offering a concept for wedding decoration that can serve as an epitome of beauty. The work of art of Valentina Perez and Rihannon Miller will, without a doubt, leave everyone speechless. They perfectly captured the very essence!

Flowers, flowers everywhere

Sweet Nothings Flowers managed to deliver the blooms this place really deserves. The final choice consisted of various species with different formats, all covered in shades of pastel pink, rich lilac and soft yellow, with tiny touches of soft turquoise. The intense difference in the contrasts formed a perfect style equation. Roses, carnations, lilacs, gerberas, forget-me-nots – all harnessed the allure of a range of gorgeous shades, complementing the table in the form of centrepieces, decorating the dessert cupboard, or adorning the signage and the bar. 

The sugary cupboard

The hard-working hands of Baking with Loz managed to reconstruct a vintage cupboard and turn it into a Candyland masterpiece. Filling it with delicious sweet treats, it looked almost too pretty to be consumed. Even the drawers were packed with pastel rainbow cupcakes and tiny pavlovas.

The delightful, towering naked cake by August and Oak placed in the centre was perhaps the most stunning sight. Only by looking at it, one cannot escape the wish to grab a bite with their bare hands. After seeing this piece of art, we can all agree that every wedding needs a dessert cupboard because, let’s face it, just one table doesn’t seem sufficient.

The dreamy tablescape

The table was placed overlooking the charming duck pond, taking advantage of the landscape’s natural beauty. Antique wooden chairs borrowed by MASE Agency to match the cupboard followed the theme of this garden party photoshoot. The centre of the table, which was covered with a long tonal sheet trailing on the grass, was enriched by lush floral arrangements. Muted rose plates and napkins, surrounded by thin, silver cutlery from Found Collective refined the table setting with their simplicity and elegance.

The mobile bar

The colour pink has always been related to love and dedication. This tonality instantly became magic when Love Mittie’s pastel pink bar was brought by in the middle of the garden. This shade accent easily stood out from the surrounding greenery. The bar served the pretties pink cocktails, garnished with flowers, ready for the toast.

The drinks area was complemented by chic and modern signage made by The Ivory Scribe in soft shades and sweet notes. It looked like they were uprising from the ground!

Pretty in pink

The stunning models will definitely win you over with the looks they chose for the occasion. The fact that they were real-life couples and friends further contributed to the authenticity of this garden party photoshoot. Their relaxed attitude seduced the camera while running around the garden, indulging their senses in some sweet delights and sharing contagious laughs. The fun and frolic spirit filled the atmosphere with an extra dose of positive energy.

Kat had the important role of being a breathtaking bride, showing the lacy glam look in a gown from ARA Experience. The champagne Lily lace dress with a spaghetti-strapped plunging neckline beat the goal of the shoot theme. Her makeup enhanced the look, which involved nude pink lips, lilac eye shadow and black eyeliner for a subtle touch of drama. But a bride’s style would not be completed if not crowned with an ivory and gold flower headband, which helped turn the bride into a garden fairy.

Kalsey, on the other hand, stepped in the shoes of the unconventional bride, wearing a Couture Love Madness enchanting pastel blush dress that spoke for itself. It seemed like she was covered in soft pink petals that would fly away at any moment. The bold pink eye moment, which was a part of their makeup, really delivered that WOW factor. Wearing a royal red and gold headpiece, she wandered the garden like a butterfly, smiling for the camera and enjoying every minute of it.

Both models had their hair and makeup done by Natasha Keneally and Adele, respectively. The hairstyles were enriched with Adorn Collection headbands. This helped accentuate their best features, turning them into real garden queens!

In this heavenly garden party session, one cannot help but admire the beauty of the unbeatable blooms, unique wedding dress details, tasteful tableware and sugary pleasures. Long live pink!


Images Valentina Perez Studio | Bride's Dress ARA Experience | Accessories Headpieces - Adorn Collection | Hair Natasha Keneally Bridal | Makeup Adele Makeup Artist | Ceremony Venue Yatahlia Manor | Flowers Sweet Nothings Flowers | Catering Baking With Loz | Furniture and Tableware Mase Agency | Videography Rhiannon Miller Video | Cocktail Bar Love Mittie | Signage and Acrylic The Ivory Scribe | Linen and Cutlery Found Collective Events | Wedding Cake August and Oak Cake | Bride's Dress Couture Love Madness |

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