Tailored vs Hired

Words by Tom
April 3, 2014

If we can make a sweeping generalisation here, when it comes to wedding attire, grooms and their men invest notably less time, energy and money than their female counterparts.

Of course there are exceptions (this lovely bride spent half as much as her man) but I think it’s safe to say that fewer resources are allocated to getting the lads wedding-ready. For reasons of time and budget, many grooms opt to hire a suit for their big day; but according to Joe Button stylist, Alexis Goodrich, when it comes to finding the perfect suit, customisation is king.



As styling and clothing enthusiasts, we believe creativity is king. Adding that pink polka dot pocket square or vintage tie bar can simultaneously elevate your style and showcase your personality. Nouba is all about “creative couples, doing things their way” and as custom suit makers; we’ve seen our fair share of unique groom’s suits. We’re not recommending you embroider your dog’s name on your wedding suit, but going bespoke does allow you to make your special day that much more personal. Before diving into customisation ideas and options, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of bespoke versus hired suits.

Basically, the pros of hiring a suit are:

Cost and time: Hired suits range in price from $200-$500, depending on brand and style. Most rental stores do have a large selection of sizes and styles and because they are standard size, you eliminate construction time. Wedding planners recommend grooms reserve suits at least two months in advance just to be safe.

On the flip side, the cons of hiring a suit are:

Style: Because hired suits are made to fit the average man, they end up looking average both in style and fit. If you’re keen on a super slim cut or double breasted suit, these styles don’t often exist in rental stores as they’re not as popular as say, a tux. Hired suits are also laundered more regularly which often results in a suit looking tired and worn. Although laundered is much better than smelling like the last owner’s night out!

Time: Most hired suits need to be returned the day after the rental period is over, which can be a hassle for couples who are jet setting to their honeymoon destination. Obviously, there are ways around this (best man duty!) but it is something to consider.

Now let’s dive into the pros of purchasing a bespoke suit for your wedding day!

Fit: Bespoke suits are made to fit you. This means no extra fabric or baggy shoulders drawing attention away from your beautiful bride. Well-tailored suits are meant to fit like a glove and your added confidence is well worth the price.

Cost: Traditionally, bespoke suits were expensive and took over a month to construct. Today, we have modernized the approach to custom suits and have made them more accessible to the everyday man. Starting at $600, you can customise your fabric, style and colour.

Time: The turnaround time for custom-made suits is now closer to three weeks. Not too bad considering it’s constructed from scratch to fit your body.

Ownership: Assuming your bride doesn’t want you in a bright green suit on your big day, most grooms’ suits can be worn after the fact. Total investment!

Now for the fun part: customisation! For a groom, we love to see initials or the date stitched on the inside so it’s a special reminder of your big day, even when you wear it 10 years later. Many grooms opt to make the lining of their suit the same colour as the bridesmaid’s dresses as it looks awesome in photos and gives added personality. Similarly, you can customise the under portion of the collar for a fun pop of colour. Fabric is another way to show your personality, and we’ve seen grooms in anything from charcoal herringbone to light blue linen. It’s important to have fun with it and remember that it’s your big day and you should feel comfortable and confident.






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