Temple by Bo & Luca

Words by Anastasia Monaghan / Images by Sinjin Süllwald
May 16, 2019

Luxury Australian bridal wear brand, Bo & Luca, have just announced the launch of their diffusion line, Temple by Bo & Luca, on their online boutique.

Embodying their signature hand-beaded floral designs with silken satins and delicate layers of tulle, the Temple collection encompasses the two-piece trend for the relaxed, fearless and elegant bride.

From a waterside elopement to a rooftop party under the stars, this collection encourages your truest self to take advantage of comfort and beauty, regardless of your wedding’s undertone.

For the ultimate combination of fanciful and contemporary, our pick is the Avalon gown, delivering a chic satin bodice before a layered tulle skirt, uniquely hand dyed in loose leaf white tea to achieve Bo & Luca’s signature ivory tint.

Taking on invaluable feedback from brides-to-be, Creative Director Shannon Pittman says they received many requests for their gowns to be available online, where once their luxurious gowns were solely available through their global stockists.

Exhibiting Bo & Luca’s objective to stay respectful when it comes to pricing, the Temple by Bo & Luca gowns will range from $850 to $3500 in store and online.

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