12 Weddings that Nailed Pinterest’s trend of 2019… Smoke Bombs!

Whether you’re new to the wedding world or a veteran enthusiast, there’s not doubt you’ve stumbled on the smoke bomb trend at some point. While it may seem a little ‘been there done that’, Pinterest has actually estimated smoke bombs to be a 2019 trend, revealing ‘smoke bomb photography’ searches are up by a massive 436%!

From a warehouse wedding to a mountain elopement, smoke bombs can add colour, depth and drama to your photography, resulting in some seriously powerful and vibrant snaps. We gathered a handful of weddings that we think nailed the trend, and spoke to photographer Damien Milan about his thoughts and tips on getting it right.

Damien, who captured one of our favourite smoke bomb images (above), says the moments that matter the most are often the real and simple ones. “My first advice would be not to overdo them and don’t let them distract you from the rest of the day,” he says.

As for the best background to bomb, Damien says using them in city settings creates a nice contrast, but when it comes to an outdoor setting he likes to leave the scenery to nature. “I personally find smoke bombs too distracting [in an outdoor setting] and prefer to make the most of the natural elements that are already available”.

Although Damien assures us that coloured smoke doesn’t seem to have any affect on your wedding outfit, he does recommend keeping them at least an arm’s length away from your threads, and advises staying away from busy places or traffic. “Smoke bombs are a lot of fun when used in the right conditions…the last thing you want on your wedding day is to create a car accident,” he jokes.

If smoke bombs are looking enticing for your day, Damien suggests opting for smoke grenades rather than ones requiring a lighter. Smoke grenades are much easier to trigger by pulling a wire and can be held safely while moving or walking. They also produce a thicker, richer smoke for a longer period.”

There’s no doubt 2019 will deliver even more epic smoke bomb photography, but for now you can find our top 12 smoke bomb weddings below.

Colourful Sydney wedding with smoke bombs - Lara Hotz Photography Colourful Sydney wedding with smoke bombs - Lara Hotz Photography
We shared Kat and Graham’s wedding a while back, when the smoke bomb trend was just emerging! Photographer Lara Hotz is no stranger to a smoke bomb, and captured all the fun and drama of this epic Sydney wedding, which you can catch in full here.
wire floral wedding arch with smoke bomb moody wedding photography with smoke bombs
Opting for neutral hues to fit in with the natural setting, Photographer Jason Corroto took a subtle, moody approach for these smoke bomb frames. Catch James and Dani's gorgeously styled wedding in full here
colourful smoke bomb wedding ceremony exit colourful smoke bomb wedding ceremony exit
Instead of confetti, Kaitlen and Chad dialed it right up for their colourful smoke bomb ceremony exit, artfully captured by Briana Purser Photography.
stylish gay wedding with smoke bombs stylish gay wedding with smoke bombs
Bold and dramatic, we're absolutely digging these edgy frames by Flofoto. Derek and Mitchell's entire wedding was style central - check it out here.
red Smoke bomb wedding photography urban wedding with colour smoke bomb by Damien Milan
The moody backdrop of Central London in winter was the perfect setting for playing with brightly hued smoke grenades. Emmie and Matt's wedding by Damien Milan was rich and textural, check it out in full here
boho bride and groom in floral suit Smoke bomb photography - 2019 wedding trend
This quirky couple's vibrant wedding was perfect for a little smoke bomb action. Elsa Campbell snapped all the colour and fun, which you can catch in full here.
colour smoke bomb wedding send off Smoke bomb photography - 2019 wedding trend
Captured by Joy Zamora, Elin and Oliver's wedding was one of our most popular of 2018! The creative couple opted for a rainbow of smoke bombs instead of confetti for the recessional... and it looked pretty epic. See the whole vibrant shebang here.
Smoke bomb photography - 2019 wedding trend Smoke bomb photography - 2019 wedding trend
Photographer Lara Hotz nails it once again with these ethereal urban frames. We're loving the contrast of pink plumes of smoke against the gritty urban backdrop.
bride and groom on motorbike with smoke bombs bride and groom on motorbike with smoke bombs
Channeling some serious James Bond vibes, these cool cats biked the streets of Seville with photographer Benjamin Wheeler.
Melbourne laneways wedding with smoke bombs Melbourne laneways wedding with smoke bombs
Moody and atmospheric, we're loving the subtlety of Tash and Pete's use of smoke bombs in Melbourne's laneways. Tanya Voltchanskaya captured their industrial wedding, which you can see in full here.
rainbow smoke bomb lesbian wedding
Flying the rainbow flag of love, these babes went all out for this epic frame. Incredible shot by Ashley Marie Myers.


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