Balinese Wedding Styled Shoot

Imagine a wedding that blends the rich traditions of Bali with modern luxury—this styled shoot does just that. Set at the breathtaking Tirtha Glasshouse, surrounded by lush green forests, it paints a picture of elegance and cultural beauty.
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Loup Design: Crafting Bespoke Wedding Stationery and Signage

At Loup Design, creating bespoke wedding stationery and signage is driven by creativity, passion, and personalization. The…
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Lisa and Gleesha's Elopement: A Tale of Celestial Elegance and Personalised Touches

On May 15, 2022, Lisa and Gleesha celebrated their special day in a manner that truly mirrored their personalities and…
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Madi and Tim's Wedding: A Celebration of Love, Colour, and Unconventional Choices

In the heart of the city, a tale of serendipitous love unfolded between Madi and Tim, two accountants…
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Reece and Shalea Whimsical Wedding at Mona Farm, Braidwood

Reece and Shalea Davidson’s union is a testament to the serendipity of fate. Their relationship is rooted in…
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Crafting Memories: Julia’s Journey into Bespoke Wedding Jewellery

In the bustling lanes of Melbourne’s CBD, a story of craftsmanship and passion unfolds. Julia deVille’s journey…
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Josh Withers: The Maestro Behind Truly Epic Wedding Ceremonies

In the picturesque locale of Hervey Bay, amidst the joyous echoes of a family wedding, a spark was…
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The Unconventional Sparkle: A Chat with Debra Fallowfield

There are artists, and then there are those who infuse every brushstroke, every chisel mark, with a story…
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Chelsea and Sam’s Enchanting Coastal Wedding

On the shores of Anna Bay, with the waves of the sea softly caressing the beach, Chelsea and…
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Unveiling Wedding Wisdom: Insightful Advice from Melbourne's Celebrant Jam

When it comes to celebrating love, there are few people who do it as passionately as Melbourne’s…
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