Unveiling Wedding Wisdom: Insightful Advice from Melbourne’s Celebrant Jam

Words by Sara Catalano
August 1, 2023

When it comes to celebrating love, there are few people who do it as passionately as Melbourne’s Celebrant Jam. With her infectious enthusiasm and deep respect for each couple’s unique love story, Jam has found her calling as a marriage celebrant. We caught up with her to gather some of her insights and advice to help couples make their big day truly unforgettable.

Focus on the Future, Not Just the Day

As much as your wedding day is a milestone to be cherished, Jam stresses the importance of focusing on the lifetime commitment that follows. She encourages couples to view their wedding as a point of departure into their shared future. She says, “For each of their future wedding day anniversaries, they get to have a moment to pause from their busy daily lives and check in with each other on where they’re at and how they’re going.

Life evolves with time and so do couples and their priorities. So it’s important to be able to take a moment to reflect on where they’ve come from, to appreciate all that they have achieved together and reset their intentions for the future they want together.”

Creating a Safe and Authentic Space

Nervous about your big day? Jam assures that it’s a safe space for all your emotions to unfold. It’s a day to freely express your love, dreams, and heartfelt vows without any hesitation. Embrace it, enjoy it, and remember, you’re surrounded by love and support.

Rethink Traditions

While traditions add richness to wedding ceremonies, Jam encourages couples to tailor them to their personalities and comfort. From how the ceremony begins to how the vows are exchanged, every element of the wedding should truly reflect your love story.

Jam always discusses with each couple how they would like their ceremony to commence, as this crucial moment sets the vibe for the day. Nowadays, some couples choose to get ready together or have a ‘First Look’ photo moment before the ceremony, easing the drama and stress of the outfit reveal. Jam has even had ceremonies where the whole wedding squad enters hand in hand, creating a unified and joyful entrance. For those who prefer a super low-key start, Jam has seen couples already at the ceremony venue, warmly greeting guests as they arrive, and then seamlessly moving into their positions when they feel ready.

Personalised Vows: Your Ultimate Love Letter

According to Jam, personalised vows are the secret ingredient to a unique and heartfelt ceremony. She encourages couples to let their emotions flow freely, shaping their deepest feelings into the ultimate love letter to their forever partner.

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

Balancing pragmatism and enjoyment, Jam recommends a unique trio for a wedding day survival kit. The essential components? An ‘Up and Go’ for sustained energy, a shot to kick-start the celebrations, and hydrolyte tablets to aid in the post-party recovery.

Making Guests Feel Special

Involving guests in the ceremony enhances the joy and depth of the occasion. Jam suggests thanking guests for their presence and acknowledging those who have travelled from afar. These gestures create a sense of unity and celebration.

The Art of Embracing the Unexpected

Celebrant Jam fondly recalls a wedding at Butlers Lane in Richmond, set against the backdrop of an ominously clouded sky. As the ceremony commenced, a trickle of rain turned into an unexpected downpour. With unwavering smiles, the couple made the decisive move to bring the celebration indoors. Amidst the organized chaos, their grace under pressure was beautifully captured, transforming a potential disaster into a unique and treasured moment.

Inside, the guests huddled together for a more intimate continuation of the ceremony. As the rain clouds cleared and guests poured back outside, they formed a tunnel of love, showering the newlyweds in rose petals. The day stood as a testament to resilience and adaptability, reminding us that even when things go awry, there’s always room for joy and celebration, turning unpredictability into the magic of a wedding day.

At the heart of it all, Celebrant Jam is a true lover of love. Her zest for making ‘Love Magic’ is palpable in each ceremony she conducts. She sees every wedding as a new adventure and eagerly looks forward to celebrating each unique love story. Whether you envision a grand fiesta or an intimate elopement, Jam is there to guide you, add her magic, and ensure you have an epic time on your journey to wedded bliss.


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