Mariia & Matthew: A Celebration of Love and Culture

Words by Anastasia Monaghan / Images by Emotions and Math
September 28, 2023

In the bustling cityscape of Sydney, the story of Mariia and Matthew unfolds – a romance that transcends geographical boundaries. From the historic halls of the University of Sydney, their paths crossed, bringing together Mariia’s Russian heritage and Matthew’s Aussie roots. Their narrative serves as a testament that while opposites do attract, they also beautifully complement each other.

Serendipitous Beginnings

Eight years ago, amidst the academic fervour of the University of Sydney, Mariia, passionate about Visual Arts, and Matthew, immersed in finance, had their first fateful encounter. Mariia, engrossed in a late-night soccer viewing, inadvertently dozed off, prompting Matthew to offer a well-timed packet of Tim Tams. Their tale began with that serendipitous mix of slumber and sweetness.

The Proposal: A Tale of Two Rings

Mariia, hoping for a glint of a ring after seven blissful years, nudged Matthew, even recruiting his mother for a little persuasion. But unbeknownst to her, Matthew was already weaving a proposal plan. His carefully designed ring, a symbol of his dedication, was finally unveiled during their Barossa Valley holiday amidst the picturesque vineyards, under the vast Australian sky.

Wedding Inspirations: Merging Two Worlds

Their vision for the big day was clear: blend the intimacy of Matthew’s preferences with Mariia’s zest for grand celebrations. This equilibrium was achieved by intertwining Mariia’s cherished Slavic traditions with quintessential Australian elements. Their guests were treated to a cultural fusion, marking the inception of new traditions in their conjugal life.

Elegance in Attire

Mariia embodied grace in her two meticulously chosen dresses. A Georgia Young Couture masterpiece graced the ceremony, and a spontaneous find in Russia transformed the reception. The bridesmaids, draped in Bec and Bridge, were the perfect complement. Matthew looked dapper in his InStitchu suit, effortlessly coordinating with his groomsmen.

Dress Decisions: A Nod to Heritage

While committed to Australian designers, Mariia’s final dress choice, the Lemon Gown, was a reflection of her personality – vivacious yet graceful. An unplanned visit to a Russian wedding boutique with her mother serendipitously led to her second dress, perfect for the reception’s party vibes.

Crafting Their Dream Day

Each vendor was cherry-picked to resonate with their vision. Emotions & Math, with their dreamy yet authentic style, encapsulated their journey through stunning photographs.

Venue Choices: Celebrating Sydney

Nestled within the lush expanse of Sydney’s Botanic Gardens, the Palm House offered the idyllic backdrop for their ceremony. Mariia and Matthew chose this haven not only for its protective indoor ambience but also to showcase the verdant allure of Sydney, especially for their interstate and international guests. Blessed with impeccable weather, the day was awash with sunlight, illuminating the thoughtful arrangements crafted by the Faux Flower Company. The floral designs were understated yet vibrant, harmoniously blending with the season.

Their ceremony was a heartfelt tapestry of traditions and emotions. Mariia and Matthew integrated Russian elements, incorporating both the language and age-old customs. A notable touch was the traditional Slavic cloth, ‘Rushnyk’, symbolizing deep-rooted ancestry and blessings. This was further complemented by the ceremonial ‘Karavai’, a round bread signifying their unified journey as a wedded pair. As they read out their deeply intimate vows, emotions surged, filling the venue with palpable affection and drawing tears from many, a testament to the genuine bond they share.

The Reception

At their reception, Mariia and Matthew chose authenticity over convention, trading the traditional wedding cake for an eye-catching champagne tower. As they entered, the couple promptly filled the tower, beckoning guests to join as the lively beats of ‘Crazy In Love’ by Beyoncé filled the room, ensuring the dance floor was the evening’s focal point. The ambience was illuminated by tall candles from Thea Candles, while Annie from Worn Out Flowers captured Mariia’s ‘spring in winter’ vision with floral arrangements in gentle pinks, blues, and yellows, creating a dreamy atmosphere amidst the celebrations.

Personal Touches: Beyond the Aisle

Beyond the grandeur, it was the personal gestures that touched the hearts of many. Mariia’s grandmother’s chocolate favours, imprinted with the couple’s photograph, added a unique touch. 

Financial Finesse

Armed with a budget and Matthew’s impeccable finance skills, the couple navigated their wedding expenses with finesse. Not only did they adhere to their financial blueprint, but they also managed to come in slightly under budget – a commendable achievement.

Mariia & Matthew’s Sage Advice

Their journey teaches future couples the art of meticulous planning. Yet, they emphasise the importance of adaptability. Their advice: “Make sure to plan everything very carefully, but don’t panic if things don’t go to plan. We put a lot of effort into outlining details for our wedding, but on the day, we just had to let it go and hope that everything worked out.”


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