Wedding Planner Books To Organise Your Dream Day

Words by Julia Jones
July 7, 2021

You and your fiancé may be the most organised people you know, or you could be struggling to keep up with all the dates, to-do’s and important suppliers’ names and details in the run-up to your big day. You might love an online calendar and synchronise together through tons of apps, or you could be the type that plasters their wall with post-it notes and hopes for the best. For any and all of these scenarios, a wedding planning book can truly save the day.

Not only are wedding planner books lifesavers when it comes to keeping everything in one place, they can also be a wonderful keepsake for you to add to your treasure trove of memories from your special day. They give you endless possibilities for personalising and centralising all your key information. Finally, they can be fun and exciting, letting you put together inspirational photos, nice cards and quotes, and even all those boring but all-important receipts from suppliers.

What are the best wedding planner books you can get in 2021? Read on of our top picks, complete with helpful tips and tricks to make your planning a breeze. First stop: buy a wedding planner book you’ll love to use!

The Blush & Mint Namesake Wedding Planner

This pastel-coloured wedding planning book is made for romantic types who want to personalise their agenda with their and their loved one’s names. There’s a handy budget sheet, useful tips, checklists for everything you could possibly think of, and more inside. The outside is elegant and simple, featuring your choice of gold or silver foil writing to match your wedding mood board.

We love the small but practical A5 size, too, just big enough to fit in most handbags but not so small that you keep running out of space when you’re taking notes. 

Luxurious Eucalyptus Wedding Planner

Wicked Bride’s personalised wedding planning book looks luxurious: from the thick covers to the gold ring bindings, this is a fancy album for all your planning needs. The clean design combines with high-end luxury for a sophisticated engagement gift or simply a lovely treat for yourself as you get started on your wedding planning journey.

The added extras are what makes this notebook super special: there are checklists for the bachelorette party and honeymoon, too! Enjoy your plans, made easier with all these helpful templates.

The Rose Gold Wonder

This absolutely gorgeous wedding planner notebook from Luck and Luck makes a wonderful gift for yourself and your hubby-to-be. Starting off with a few nice reminders of who you are and where you’ve come from on your couple’s journey, this book sets the tone for romantic bliss supported by some serious planning.

It’s a steal and with its simple yet effective set-up, it will have you dreaming of your perfect day in no time.

A Personalised Wedding Planner Book

The Gift Studio Company wedding planning book is beautifully designed and carefully curated to include all the essential checklists and wedding suggestions. It’s also particularly helpful for those who haven’t 100% made up their mind on every aspect of their wedding yet. The authors have included some quizzes to narrow down the choices, as well as really useful questions to ask the vendors you’ll be meeting.

Take some of the stress out of decision making with this wedding organiser, which you can also personalise with you and your fiancé’s names. 

The Award Winner

Go for gold with the Little White Book – a luxury wedding planning book that’s been voted customers’ favourite on Etsy and which will offer you the top-notch planning experience of a lifetime. It is beautifully crafted, with handmade details and extremely well-written and planned out checklists and guides. It’s no wonder it’s been featured far and wide, including on CNN!

This is the Rolls Royce of wedding organisers – Enjoy it!

Rustic, Floral Delight

Planning a rustic wedding with lots of autumnal, deep hues and harvest-inspired decor? This wedding planning book will fit right in! We love the bouquet on the cover, which could easily be a bridal flower arrangement and a great inspiration for your colour scheme. The planner includes checklists, wedding party lists, a budget planner and a monthly countdown to keep you on track. It’s simple and practical inside, so it will make it easy to add all the notes you need to stay on top of vendors, appointments etc. 

For those last finishing touches, it even has a built-in seating plan. This is a bigger, more high-end planner, hence the higher price tag, but on the plus side, it allows for more room to add everything you need for a more sophisticated wedding.

Simple White & Gold

To go a bit back to basics, this simple white book with gold personalisation for your names makes for a stripped back, practical planner. Inside, it’s full of helpful sections from budget to honeymoon to bridal shower and bachelorette party. There’s a great monthly planner, and they’ve even included a shot list for the photographer.

For the bride-to-be who hasn’t thought of everything, this planner is absolutely a must-have. It will give you some great new ideas and really guide you through the planning process seamlessly.

The Ultimate Classic

For a touch of elegance with simplicity and class, this wedding planner book cannot be faulted. There are lots of beautiful muted cover colours to choose from, perfectly complemented by your choice of foil writing. Personalise with your names and get to work through a detailed budget checklist and a top-quality end-to-end planner. You’ll even get to put in daily, weekly and monthly deadlines and appointments. Not to mention the all-important mood boards for the dress and accessories. This one really does have it all, in a design that’s simple and chic.

The Greatest Adventure Planner

More of a binder than a wedding planning book, the planner from SharpGiftAndEvents is big and useful. It can be personalised with your names and it reminds you that you’re setting off on the start of something big, not just the one day. There are key milestones, checklists, calendars and all you could possibly need, with plenty of space to make your own notes, too. Thanks to the ring binding, feel free to add more pages in and keep track of additional photos, clippings and other bits and pieces you may find useful in your planning process. 

Folder for All

Something a bit different from a wedding planning book, but a great gift idea: wedding planner folders. These can be personalised with the names of the couple and are very chic, made in felt for a luxurious, soft feel. They are not going to replace a full-on wedding planner, but the great thing about them is that they can be reused in many ways for years to come, including holding travel itineraries and important documents on honeymoon. Worth a look for a small, thoughtful engagement gift for your special friends. 

Polka Dots and Smiles

One of the most uplifting designs out there, the gold polka dots on this wedding planner immediately bring a smile to your face as you start planning your big day. Packed full of the most important elements of wedding planning, from budget to guest list and more, this book looks good and fits in your handbag perfectly. It’s a bit of fun and a lot of practical, with glossy pages and handy side tabs to help you move from section to section.

The only downside? You can’t personalise it… but that doesn’t detract from its usefulness and cute looks. 

A Perfect Circle

Is there a better metaphor for marriage? Getting united in a perfect circle, as per the book cover on this wedding planner, is what it’s all about. Another non customisable wedding planning book, this one is unisex and will suit almost any style or type of wedding. It comes with a really nice introduction and helpful content descriptions, giving you the essential intro into what wedding planning is all about from the start.

The quick reference tabs on the right hand side are great for moving to the section you need on any given day. We also love the photo pocket at the back, perfect for storing clippings or pictures for inspiration (although they’ve bookmarked it for honeymoon pictures… why not?).

Into the Woods

Our final pick (last but not least!) is a truly beautiful piece of work: this customisable wooden covered wedding planner which can be ordered in A5 or A4 formats. Have your name engraved on one of the most important calendars of your life and display it proudly as a keepsake for years to come.

Inside, you’ll find plain white paper for note taking, so this is more of a notebook with beautiful covers than a full-on wedding planning book. However, it passes the test when it comes to a beautiful, handcrafted piece of kit for your wedding that you can keep forever. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have the best and most beautiful options among wedding planner books at your fingertips, all that’s left is to pick one and start writing down your ideas and your plans for the big day. Whether you want more guidance from the book or are looking for a nice, customised notebook to write things down without giving you a steer, the choice to buy a wedding planner book is one of the myriad of questions you’ll need to answer before your wedding. So make it a fun one with these top choices and get started on the right track!


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