The 20 Best Bride & Bridesmaid Robes of 2021

Words by Julia Jones
July 1, 2021

On the morning of your most important day, getting ready with your bridesmaids over a light breakfast and a bottle of bubbly is only tradition. That being said, you and your leading ladies deserve to look and feel beautiful even in bridal and bridesmaid robes as you prepare for the long and celebratory day ahead.

Bridesmaids are a loyal group of extraordinary women that are there for you throughout the exhilarating process of planning your dream wedding. They invest a significant amount of time, effort, and money into supporting your wedding. While they are excited and happy to be with you through it all, it is both tradition and a kindhearted gesture to show appreciation to their dedication with bridesmaid robes as gifts on the morning of the wedding.

To make sure you are prepared to find your favourite styles, we’ve put together a unique curation of bridal and bridesmaid robes ranging from floral bridesmaid robes to luxurious silk bridal robes. We’ve even got budget-friendly robes and size-inclusive options!

Satin Dreams: Lamariee New York

We love how satins have quickly become the perfect go-to for bridal and bridesmaid robes. These robes from LamarieeNewYork are made from luxurious stretchy satin that’ll be just as comfortable as it is chic. Nothing says ‘ Bridal Shower ‘ louder with the dreamy smooth sheens of satin, complemented with gorgeous chunky lace trim! And with a wide range of colour options to choose from, the colour combination possibilities are endless.

A Little Extra: Robe By Monika Blank

It’s more than okay to be a little extra on your wedding day! Nothing’s more cheeky than this gorgeous long bridal robe that will undoubtedly have you feeling like a million dollars in your pre-wedding photos. There is no cause for being shy when you’ll be strutting around getting ready in the softest feathered sleeves and being the center of attention – as you should be! Not only that, but this robe is sure to serve you well into your honeymoon, too.

Nature-lovin’: Day Of Blossom

For the brides who are big lovers of nature and all things living, here’s a fresh style by DayOfBlossom that features olive leaf design scattered across the robe. If you’re looking for bridesmaid robes that are going to match exquisitely without looking tacky, then we’ve got you covered. These robes are both reusable for other occasions and also perfect for expressing your unique personality.

Casual waffle: Your Lovely Shop Design

If you want to keep the morning-ofs more casual, these super comfy waffle-textured robes might be the choice for you. Sporting a more kicked-back vibe with custom embroidery options, these robes are essential to a mature and simplistic wedding theme. Not to mention, your ladies will be sure to love their versatility as well.

Velvety Bliss: CICI Wedding Store

Were you a massive fan of the early 2000’s Y2K fashion? Velvets were all the rage then, and with the trends of Y2K fashion coming back into style, we think you’ll love these velvet bridesmaid robes. They come in all kinds of classic colours, such as a rich crimson as well as the trademark Paris Hilton pink. We think these will pair best with you if you’re high on glam and like a boujee look.

Boho Bridal: Le Rose Gifts

For our boho ladies, we understand it can be a challenge to incorporate the style into white. That’s why this simple piece by Le Rose Gifts is a beautiful match for ladies still looking to sport a more hippie look. The vintage-esque lace detailing with soft bell sleeves is the ideal combination for the perfect boho bridal robe. Simplicity and eccentrics never looked better together.

Florals: PoppylovePetal

Floral designs will always be safe and timeless, not to mention how they can flatter all body types and skin tones. What we like about PoppylovePetals’ take on florals is that they’ve added loose ruffles to the sleeves and bottom trims, adding an extra dimension of feminine beauty to the soft pastel floral print. So if you’re looking to play it safe with something all your bridesmaids are sure to love, this could be the robe for you.

Minimalism: With Love Marjan

Even though weddings are usually when brides get to go all out with their appearances, we know some brides still love to keep it classy and low-key. These gorgeous linen kimono robes are decorated with nothing except a simple cotton crinkle texture, sure to make you and your bridesmaids look effortless and subtle. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that these robes will feel extremely comfortable to wear, too.

Cheap and Cheerful: SS Weddings

On a bit of a budget? Here’s an easygoing style featuring simple lace details that carries a great range of colours to choose from. The best part – it’s just under AUD20.00 per robe. Such a steal! We want to see brides achieve everything they dream of, regardless of the budget. SS Weddings also cater to rushed orders, so this could be used as a last-minute gift to decide on a month or so before the wedding.

Pure Silk Pastels: Girl and a Serious Dream

If you’ve been looking for the holy grail of pastel robes for your bridal shower, look no further. These pure silk pastel robes are beautiful for soft-themed weddings. The pastel tones are subtle and the perfect subtle symbol of Pride, too. With these gorgeous free-size robes, you’ll be paying for the quality, but we know it’ll be worth every penny.

Plus-size Glam: Our Love Story Co Shop

As brides, it’s essential not to forget to celebrate all the different bodies your beautiful leading ladies have. OurLoveStoryCoShop is an amazingly inclusive shop that caters to kid sizes up to adult Plus 4XL sizes. Your bridesmaids deserve to feel loved and appreciated, and a minor consideration like this could mean a lot to them. Let’s show each other that we’re beautiful just the way we are.

Elegant: Bella Donna Ua

Yet another gorgeous long bridal robe, we adore the timeless and regalness of this style. The sheer sleeves with pearlescent bead detailing are sure to show up beautifully in photos. This is also definitely a cheeky way of showing more skin while staying true to a more conservative style choice.

Beach-ready: Fancy Art Decor

If you’re planning a destination wedding near the beaches, here’s a fun bridesmaid robe design that you and your leading ladies can run around with on the beach for some real beachy summer photos. These robes come in earthy tones with beautifully weaved tassels on their trimmings, giving off just the right amount of summer wedding and beach vacation vibes. If you and your girls are big beach bums, these robes are just what you need.

Personalized Sets: Simply Unique Uk

If you want to get something for your bridesmaids to remember your wedding by, these custom print robe and slipper sets are a winner. Coming in a set, you’ll be able to add each bridesmaid’s name and initials on the robe and slipper together with the date of your wedding. Not only will this be a fantastic gift for them to commemorate the date by, but they’ll have something personal to call their own from the day.

It’s in the Details: Le Rose Gifts

Bridal showers are where you’ll be having close-up makeup and hair photos taken of you. If you’re the type with a big eye for detail, this bridal robe style with 3D floral embroidery will be precisely what you need to showcase your attention to the little things. This long floral lace robe is going to have you looking like you’re wearing a sneak preview of your actual wedding dress.

Garden Fairy: Piyama

Another pick for our lowkey ladies who are planning small garden tea-party-themed weddings – we think you’ll love this watercolour print style by Piyama as much as we do. By incorporating soft pastel pinks together with bright grassy green, these robes are sure to bring out the inner fairies in you and your bridesmaids! The only things that would be missing are some pointy ears and fairy wings.

Local Gem: Bare Bride

We’re all about supporting local businesses and boosting up-and-rising ones. We love the lace cutout design that BareBride created in beautiful blush and classic bridal white. These short robes also come with custom print options on the front and back robes that allow you to personalize the robes for each bridesmaid. We’re excited to see more from them soon.

Stripes: Le Rose Gifts

Channeling some real chic, lazy gal vibes, these simple striped wrap robes are a lovely extra detail to spice up a basic robe design. These robes are sure to look fantastic around the breakfast table while you and your bridesmaids chill around with glasses of bubbly all around. Can you imagine the aesthetic simplicity yet? Cause we definitely can!

Lace Obsessions: Poppy Love Petal

If you ever wonder about potentially going overboard with lace, consider it a myth busted. Full lace bridal robes are one of the most exquisite robe styles that are in fashion all year round, every year. Lace is a detail that can’t be missed during any wedding occasion and can certainly never be too much. You deserve to look ethereal on your wedding day, and you deserve as much lace as you want.

Soft Ruffles: Sweet November Gift

Last but not least, for our basic brides, we adore these soft angelic ruffle sleeves that come in an assortment of dusty pastel tones. We recommend the adorable ‘Avocado’ shade because you might be having some toast in the morning! Not only are these the perfect basic robes, but your bridesmaids will indeed find numerous vacations to wear these on, too.

Final Tips

Before the morning-of, you might want to make sure someone is in charge of steaming the robes so that they’re fresh and ready the night before. Trust us; you’ll be thanking yourself for this.

Finally, take your time finding the right robes that fit all your ladies and yourself. What’s most important is that you’re celebrating everyone’s individuality and beauty.



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