Paper Hearts: Setting the Tone for Exceptional Wedding Entertainment

Words by Tom
July 28, 2023

In the dynamic sphere of the Australian wedding industry, a husband-and-wife duo leveraged their mutual love for music, transforming it into a distinguished entertainment service for weddings along the East Coast. Meet Amelia & Ryan, the couple behind Paper Hearts, who have masterfully curated a soundtrack of love for many a hopeful couple walking down the aisle.

A couple themselves, the founders of Paper Hearts understand the whirlwind of emotions and excitement that swirl around a couple’s special day. This unique perspective, cultivated from their own wedding planning experience, adds an extra layer of understanding to their work. They believe their firsthand understanding of the entire wedding experience sets them apart, allowing them to anticipate their client’s needs and tailor their services with a holistic view of the event.

The Birth of a Musical Love Story

Paper Hearts was born from a simple love for acoustic melodies and harmonious vocals. From playing in pubs and restaurants to performing at a friend’s wedding, the founders discovered their true passion lay in wedding entertainment. As the demand grew for their melodious duet, they expanded their venture, inviting other gifted musicians to join the symphony.

Today, Paper Hearts has blossomed into a boutique music agency, serving love-struck couples across multiple states.

Curating The Perfect Ensemble

When it comes to choosing the talented musicians and DJs who become part of the Paper Hearts team, they’re seeking more than just technical skills. The key ingredients? Authenticity, a love for their craft, and a genuine commitment to making a couple’s day as magical as possible.

Their selective approach results in a tight-knit group of performers whose quality shines through in every performance. This ensures that each couple’s wedding is enhanced by artists who truly care and are eager to create memorable moments.

Crafting the Perfect Soundtrack

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding playlist, Paper Hearts takes a highly personalised approach. They offer couples the chance to request specific songs for key moments, creating a soundtrack that feels undeniably theirs. However, they also know when to step back and let the music guide the mood of the celebration. Trusting the musicians to read the room and adapt to the atmosphere is part of their winning formula.

Harmonising the Musical Vibes

Paper Hearts’ repertoire is versatile, and their performances can elegantly shift from intimate acoustic melodies to energy-packed dance floor hits. They pay close attention to the event’s ebb and flow, aligning the music selection with the different stages of the wedding. This strategic and adaptable approach ensures a seamless transition of musical vibes throughout the day and night.

Making Every Performance Memorable

But it’s not just about the music. From their professional set-up and personal style to the passion with which they perform, every aspect is meticulously curated to make a lasting impression on the couple and their guests. After all, the magic lies in the details!

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Music: Tips from the Pros

The Paper Hearts duo leaves us with a nugget of wisdom for all soon-to-be-married couples – do your research. Make sure you’re seeing a true representation of the musicians and DJs you’re considering. Transparent, authentic performances are key. When you resonate with the music and feel connected to the performers, you’re one step closer to creating the wedding of your dreams.

In the end, Paper Hearts is not just about music; it’s about love – for their craft, for their team, and most importantly, for the couples they serve. Their passion acts as the cohesive force, producing a memorable, well-curated musical experience for each couple’s significant day.


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