Interview: Joel & Dany from Comida do Sul

Words by Amy Richardson
February 20, 2018

Fabulous food, a unique aesthetic and relaxed vibes make food trucks a seriously cool addition to any wedding, and Perth based purveyors of modern Brazilian street eats, Comida do Sul, hit all the right beats.

Landing on the Perth food truck scene back in 2013, husband and wife duo Joel and Dany set out to bring the fresh and exotic flavours of Brazil to downtown Fremantle. Comida’s modern take on authentic South American flavours makes them the ideal catering option for chilled out weddings – fueling the party with a unique culinary experience.

Joel and Dany work closely with couples to create a personalised and relaxed catering experience leading up to, and on the big day. Their passion for sharing the delicious cuisine of Dany’s home country of Brazil in Joel’s Aussie hometown shines through in every dish of their menu. With another trick up their sleeve, this foodie pair are also the creators of Gary’s Diner, a delightfully retro food truck serving up killer burgers around Perth.

We caught up with the couple behind the wheel to chat about how the street food scene has spiced up wedding catering.

Perth food truck Comida do Sul

Perth food truck Comida do Sul

We can vouch for Comida’s fare first hand – the team catered an event we held in Fremantle and they received rave reviews all round! Images by CJ Williams Photography (see the event in full here).

We love a love story… Joel and Dany, how did you meet?

Our love story began in Dany’s hometown São Paulo in Brazil. We met on a balmy summer’s night. People were out all across the city, basking in the residual heat of the day, drinking cachaça, eating finger-lickingly good street food. Dany was on the other side of a crowded bar, her dark eyes flashing in the lamp light. A sight to behold.

What are your backgrounds and what was the journey that brought you to your food truck adventure?

Both of us have always loved good food and coming from such different backgrounds (I grew up in Broome – fresh fish, mud crabs, mangos, kangaroos) our shared passion has evolved into a unique amalgamation of Australian and Brazilian flavours.

Tell us a little about Comida do Sul and Gary’s Diner – cuisine, catering style, personality…

Our food trucks embody two very different styles of cuisine. While Comida do Sul pays homage to the vibrant flavours of Brazil, Gary’s Diner delivers a hit of gourmet fast food. We like to mix things up and provide something for everyone – from traditional beans and rice with a dusting of cassava to a double cheeseburger complete with curly fries and dill scented mayo.

pregnant bride in long sleeve lace wedding dress

Joel and Dany tell us “the wedding of Chanelle and Andy was special for us. We had an awesome time doing the tasting with them and Andy’s parents. We felt that it was so important meeting them personally, and discuss how the service was going to play out, it made them feel confident and relaxed, and that is the experience that we like to provide.” Images by Alexandra Cohen.

Perth food truck wedding

And how good do those Brazilian-inspired eats look?! Comida do Sul dishing up the perfect party food for Chanelle and Andy’s relaxed celebration. Images by Taryn Hays.

Tell us about the Perth wedding scene and how you think it’s evolved in recent years.

We feel that the wedding scene has become much more relaxed in recent years. There is often this misconception that do a wedding properly you need to keep things formal or conventional. That way of thinking is really beginning to change with people wanting experiences that are more casual, playful and inclusive.

How do you feel wedding catering has changed with recent trends? What do you think are the advantages of food trucks over traditional dining?

Continuing with what we said before – the wedding scene, and more specifically wedding catering, has undergone a huge change recently and now supports a much broader, more dynamic way of celebrating. Food has gone from being a standard 3 course meal with polished cutlery and starched serviettes to exciting finger-food that can be eaten standing, sitting or on the dance floor. This new era of wedding catering is not only more laid-back, it’s also a lot more social.

What style of wedding do you think your trucks are best suited to?

We suit any kind of event that promotes a good old fashioned, joyous celebration. We love a wedding that combines fun and frivolity with sanctity and passion. Our trucks are best suited to occasions where the dance floor is pumping, the champagne is bubbling and the merrymaking runs free.

giant paper poppies Perth City Farm wedding Perth food truck Comida do Sul

Perth food truck Comida do Sul

Jess and Scott called on Comida do Sul to cater their vibrant nuptials at Perth City Farm. Images by Through the Woods we Ran, see it in full here.

Do you have some favourite wedding vendors (venues, photographers, other food trucks etc) you love working alongside?

For us being able to pull up to any wedding in the great outdoors is really thrilling. While it’s easy for us to accommodate all types of weddings, we really enjoy catering in stunning natural locations. 
As for great photographers, just to cite some, Alexandra Cohen and Kate Drennan are on point when it comes to snapping those unforgettable moments.

What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve catered?

That’s a hard one to answer, there have been so many incredible celebrations! 
We were really pleased to be part of a unique wedding in the Perth Hills. It had just turned to spring, wildflowers were covering the fields and the ceremony was set in the midst of a blossoming apple orchard. It was very down-to-earth and incredibly romantic.

Where might couples find your trucks if they want to try your fare?

We’re out and about all across Perth with a focus on Fremantle. Just give us a follow on our socials to get updates on our ever-changing locations!

Perth food truck - Gary's Diner burgers

Perth food truck - Gary's Diner burgers

Comida’s cousin, Gary’s Diner serves up some of the tastiest burgers in the west… and their retro truck is a cute addition to any party.

Finally, do you have any tips for couples planning their wedding?

If you can hand over the reins in any kind of way (in regards to food, drink, photography, styling, planning…anything!) so that your primary focus is your imminent union, you’ll be truly grateful (and a lot more relaxed).

The team behind the eats! Joel and Dany, captured by James Whineray.


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