Rhodes Wedding Co.

Words by Melanie Dimmitt
December 9, 2014

Rhodes Wedding Co. was inspired by the best kind of love – that fairytale love we often only see in films.My grandparents had that kind of love,” says co-owner Jessy. “They had been married 50 years, and seeing them during my grandpa’s last few weeks really showed the raw passion and vulnerability that only comes from loving someone with your whole being.” So moved were she and partner Perry that they banded together in the business of… bands. Hand-carved wedding bands for men, fashioned from their traveling workshop.


Jessy, you say that the essence of Rhodes Wedding Co. stems from the unexpected love between you and Perry. Can you tell us how this came about, and how a business blossomed from it?

A few years back, we met on a music tour. Our lives took us in different directions, but our connection remained strong. When our paths crossed again, our love grew, and we were inseparable. Years down the line, a big shift happened due to a life changing event in my family. My grandpa—who was my rock, my everything—had cancer and he wasn’t going to be with us for much longer. I quit my job, Perry packed up his workshop, and we left everything else in Los Angeles and drove cross-country to be with my grandpa before he passed.

Spending so much time engulfed in my grandparent’s love in a house that was built with adoration, Perry and I gained so much perspective and clarity on life and love. We saw first-hand how love can truly take you places and how important that journey is to living a life of abundance. We knew we wanted to combine our talents and work together to create something where love’s journey could be celebrated, hence Rhodes Wedding Co.


Perry, what kinds of things influence and inspire your designs?

As time inevitably moves along, we create moments. I find myself caught in these wakes of bliss, desire, and nostalgia. There could be a brief moment in time, sitting on the curb of a cobblestone road with the one I love, discussing everything under the sun. Weeks later, something triggers that memory, and all of a sudden it all comes flooding back. There is something truly satisfying about holding raw elements created by nature in your hands… and then forming them into a physical manifestation from a mere concept in my scattered mind. The initial idea usually stems from a moment of nostalgia, and I begin carving and shaping the piece.


Why might men want something a little more special than a plain band?

We chose to specialise in men’s wedding bands specifically because love isn’t just about women. The journey and the story involves two. We wanted to give men a chance to have a ring created that was so much more than just a mass-produced piece of metal. We wanted them to have a chance to create a ring that is a testimony of their romantic nature and a proud symbol of the love they have found.


Take me through the process of purchasing one of your rings.

It’s rather simple if you’re purchasing from the shop. You just choose the design you like best and choose the metal + carat you’d like and click “checkout”. You will then be taken to the next screen where you will input your band size and if you’d like engraving. After that, you put in your billing + shipping details and voila! If you’re ordering something custom, you can fill out the custom form to give us an idea to start with or you can just e-mail us with your request.


How about us girls, do you make rings for women?

We have and continue to create a lot of custom orders for women’s wedding bands, engagement rings, as well as “His and Her” bands. So we definitely haven’t left out the women! We even had a lovely couple named Nic & Jess who wanted “Her and Her” bands. It was such a beautiful love story to be part of. That’s why we have a custom order page. We’re dedicated to creating custom pieces that tell a personal story.


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