Envelope – the Modern Gift Registry

Words by Tom
March 9, 2017

A tasteful way to ask for cash; it’s a wedding conundrum faced by many! Owing to the rise of destination weddings and the fact that most couples have begun nesting by the time they tie the knot, physical gifts just aren’t that practical these days. So cash makes sense… but my goodness, it can be awkward.

Enter Envelope, a beautifully designed online wedding registry that allows you to request contributions for anything your two hearts desire. Want to travel Europe? Renovate the kitchen? Eat your way through the city’s best restaurants? All of the above? Envelope’s got you covered.

Formed by Melbourne boys Simon and Tom, Envelope was initially built for Simon’s own wedding. Looking for a way to fund their honeymoon, Simon and his partner were stuck for a non-cringe-worthy way to ask for cash. They sought the digital skills of their dear friend Tom to help create their own platform, and Envelope was born.

How does it work?

Simply answer a few questions to create your registry page, then make your ultimate wishlist of items or experiences for your married selves to enjoy. Guests are then seamlessly invited via email and you can keep track of contributions online and watch your dreams become reality!

Exclusive giveaway for Nouba readers!

As a special something just for Nouba readers, Envelope will be giving away $500 each month from January to March, 2017. Create your registry and publish before March 31st to be in the running!

Envelope - the modern gift registry Envelope - the modern gift registry
Create a beautiful registry that you'll be proud to share with your guests, and let them contribute to the items you REALLY want.
Envelope online wedding registry 01 Envelope - the modern gift registry
Envelope's mobile-friendly format means it's a breeze for you and your guests to use on any device. Because even Grandma's got a smart phone these days.
Easily keep track of who contributed to what, so when the time comes to say thank you, you can tell your guests about the wonderful memories they helped to create.


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