Floating Flower Garden by TeamLab

Words by Julia Jones / Images by TeamLab
March 26, 2015

The latest breathtaking installation by Japanese art collective, TeamLab, sees visitors immersed in a kinetic suspended garden of living blooms. As the viewer moves through the space, the flowers rise in the air to create a bubble within the dense garden (watch the video below to see this in action).

The flower forest (which is made up of over 2,300 suspended flowers) reminds me of the epic floral works by Rebecca Louise Law, a UK artist who works with floral installations on a similar scale. It got me thinking, there’s such an abundance of wedding inspiration to be found in the art world! These artists no doubt inspire many floral designers and event stylists to keep pushing those boundaries, giving us the incredible scope of wedding inspiration we’re so lucky to immerse ourselves in daily.

The Floating Flower Garden is on display at Miraikan in Tokyo until 1 May, 2015.







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